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Pimp My Bridge!

Listed below are some scripts to add functionality to Adobe Bridge. Go on, trick it up.

This script is not a free one, but it really adds a lot of functionality to Bridge. Check it out.

Import From Camera Script
This script will allow you to automate several functions with Adobe Bridge, including renaming, backing up files, applying metadata templates, and building cache. Instructions are in The DAM Book, available at www.theDAMbook.com or on Amazon.com.

Filename to Title
This script will create a Bridge menu item that will enable you to write the Filename into the IPTC Title field

NEW! Filename to Title script for Expression Media 2

This handy script will create an item in the Window Menu for every open Bridge Window, just as God intended there to be. Unzip this file and put it inn the Bridge StartupScripts folder, and relaunch Bridge. Brought to you as a freebie from the good people at DAMuseful

Rudy's Image Processor
This script is a modification of the Image Processor that is included with Photoshop CS2. This version will run the action at the end of the sequence, rather than at the beginning. This is particularly important if you are using the "Run Action" feature to apply sharpening to resized images.

Download this file, uncompress it, and install it where the Image Processor currenlty lives.

Rudy's Image Processor Zip File

Place-aMatic and Merge-a-Matic.
This script gives you two new Bridge Functions that enable the automatic opening of several documents into one.

Download one of these files, uncompress it, and install it per these instructions.

Russell Brown's Place-a-Matic Zip File

Russell Brown's Place-a-Matic, SIT File

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