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RapidFixer Plug-in for Adobe BridgeRapidFixer CS3 and CS4 plug-in

NEW! Demo Version now available!
Both RapidFixer and RapidSnapper are now available as function-limited demo versions, for free download. RapidFixer's demo version lets you apply defaults, convert to greyscale, and adjust Exposure and Saturation. Click here to download.

RapidFixer now comes in both CS2, CS3 and CS4 versions, for one low price. This page describes the features of the CS3 and CS4 version. To see what RapidFixer can do for CS2, click here.

Purchase: $49.95
Watch movies on installation and usage

NEW! Photoshop CS3 and CS4 Compatibility: The first RapidFixer version for CS3 and CS4 is now ready to ship. As you can see by the interface, we have made significant changes to the interface, and updated the software to control the new Adobe Camera Raw 4 tools.

NEW! RapidFixer now works on DNG files, as well as JPEG and TIFF files. (In all cases, you must apply a Camera Raw Default to the image first).

NEW! RapidFixer has settings for working on Black and White Negatives. This lets you use a digital camera to copy negatives, and make adjustments in Camera Raw. Check out the last half of the movie to see it in action.

RapidFixer is the flagship product from DAM Useful software. It's a workflow solution that allows you to make lots of quick proofing corrections to RAW files, while still in Bridge. By pushing the buttons that RapidFixer creates in Bridge, you can have access to many of your favorite Camera Raw settings, such as:

• Temperature
• Tint
Split Tone Presets
Blue HSL (Hue, Saturation, Luminance)
Orange HSL
Highlight Recovery
Fill Light
• Contrast
• Vignette
Parametric curves

RapidFixer works for both Mac and Windows.

We envision RapidFixer to be most useful for Proofing Corrections, the work you do to RAW files in order to get them good enough to put away. In general, this is the level of correction that would make a good web gallery, proofprint, or other onscreen display.

RapidFixer is most useful for groups of images shot in changing light, or shot with on-camera flash.

You need to apply a Camera Raw default to the image file before you can run RapidFixer on the file. This can be done from the Bridge menu, or through the RapidFixer default button.

There are several advantages of using RapidFixer to adjust image in Bridge.

• Because Bridge allows you to display a full screen of thumbnail images, you can see many more images simultaneously. This lets you more easily select multiple images that need similar adjustments. That can be particularly useful on the new large wide-screen monitors.

• Image editing is often an iterative process. You make ratings for quality - then refine your RAW adjustments - and then go back through the Ratings again. Because Bridge has the ability to filter by Rating, these two tasks - rating and RAW file adjustment - can be more efficiently integrated.

• If you see an image or several images that need a correction as you are browsing in Bridge, you can make those corrections very quickly without having to leave Bridge.

Forum Discussion of the CS3 and CS4 functionality here.

RapidFixer Movies
Please note: Due to issues viewing these movies on smaller monitors, I have zipped the files and made them downloadable. You can now view them in the QuickTime player, and resize to fit your screen.

Play (LARGE! 77MB)
Download (LARGE! 66MB)

CS2 Movies

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